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  • Choose FI Book Review
    I am someone who is relatively new to the FI community, and this book was excellent at helping me build a foundation for building my own pillars of FI. The Choose FI book begins by outlining the stages of FI and then by walking you through identifying your own reasons … Read more
  • Having a dog costs how much?! The estimated cost of providing a home to a doggo.
    I would say that the love and affection my dogs give me is priceless, but I would also be foolish not to tell you that you should think about the actual cost of pet ownership. If you’re considering bringing a dog (or cat, I guess) into your life, the actual … Read more
  • No Gym Membership Required: How I Keep Fit For $0.09 Per Day.
    Around the time I stopped running, a good friend introduced me to something I hadn't done since I was a little kid… hula hooping. I borrowed her hoop to give it a spin (lol pun) and didn't realize how much I would fall in love with it. It was also … Read more

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